Retreats: Mindfulness Meditation One Day & Three Days Residential Retreats

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat Opportunities

Mindfulness Meditation Retreats are very helpful to improve the practice more effectively. We provide the opportunity to improve the skill and quality of mindfulness practice more stably in a suitable and supportive envioranment. We recommend everyone to participate regularly on Mindfulness Meditation Retreats; at least once a year or every six month. Retreats are being observed by Bhante Samitha; a qualified and highly skillful teacher. Advanced booking only.
One Day or Three Days Retreas Available

Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Meditation Centre is very happy to offer retreats for those who deserve more suitable localities and support to grow in Mindfulness practice. We provide two different retreats as one day or Three Days course and Three Days Residential retreats.

Would you like to spend Three Days with MINDFULNESS MEDITATION practice in an ideal environment to improve the quality in meditation and everyday life? This is a great opportunity. Reserve your place now! Click Here to Register.

Forth coming dates for Three days retreats with group programmes (pre booking only):

  • Saturday 29th May 2021 One Day Retreat Online

  • Saturday 19th June 2022 One Day or Three Days Residential

  • Saturday 17th July 2022 One Day or Three Days Residential

  • Saturday 14th August 2022 One Day or Three Days Residential

  • Saturday 18th September 2022 One Day or Three Days Residential

  • One Day or Three Days Residential Saturday 16th October 2022

  • One Day or Three Days Residential Saturday 13th November 2022

  • One Day or Three Days ResidentialSaturday 11th December 2022

You don’t have to have previous experiences of Mindfulness Meditation to attend these. By having a short screening with the teacher, we can find out if you are suitable to follow these retreats. We welcome beginners, advanced practitioners or professionals. Guided meditations and teachings with techniques are also provided to make the new, easy to embrace. However if you have done our beginners 08 or 10 weeks course, advanced 08 or 12 weeks course or diploma 24 weeks course, this is a great opportunity to deepen the practice and improve the experience knowledge on Mindfulness Meditation and well-being.


  •  One Day or Three Days Residential Retreats With One on One Instructions 7AM-5PM: Start the day at 7AM and get guidance for silent practice and opportunity to get some teaching advice personally and finish the retreat by 6PM. Programme will provide on nearer to the date. Contribution towards the cost Per Person Per Day: £40/= Three Days Retreat per person £300/= Three Days Retreat for two people on double room facility £500/=

  • Retreats With One on One Instruction and Stay Over: Spend the day at the centre and get personal instructions to practice silent meditations and some guided meditations. Practitioners will follow the time table of the centre from early morning meditation at 6AM and finish by 7PM. 6AM to 9PM Per Person Per Day Cost Contribution £40/= Three Days Retreat £300/= per person single room or Three Days Retreat for two people with double room facility £500/=

  • One Day retreats With a Group Programme: Spend a Day With Mindfulness Practice. Retreat starts at 7AM and finish by 5PM. We run a programme with different subject to learn and discuss in addition to Such days are only once a month as organized by the centre.

Day Retreat Includes: Silence practices, guided meditations, Inspiring talks on Mindfulness and discussions.

What to Bring: Just Come Along and bring yourself. Practitioners can bring something for lunch if they are specific with some food. If you wish to bring something to share with all as the tradition, please be wise as we have plenty at the moment in surplus. Better contribute that in financially to keep the centre going. But you don't have to. Just come along. Simple vegetarian lunch, tea, coffee and refreshments available.

Dress appropriately to make you comfortable and suite to a meditation centre (Click here to see the centre etiquettes). According to the weather, some warm clothes like a blanket may useful if you choose to sit in the beautiful garden outside space at the centre to do open air some silent meditation practice. Please bring an extra blanket if necessary to keep you extra warm.

Practices in Three Day Mindfulness Course help to Create New You who you want to be by coping with Stress Reduction, Anxiety management, Confident building, transcending depression into inspirational living, train to cope with any life challenges free from chemicals and enjoying health, well-being and happiness in everyday life.

Registration: 07.00am     Retreat Start: 07.15am     Finish: 06.00pm

Cost: £40 per person on the day (+ teacher Dana);

£300/= per person on Three Days Residential Single Room Facility (+ teacher Dana);

£500/= for two people to share a double room for Three Days Residential Retreat (+ teacher Dana);

Check in by 3PM Check Out by 10AM

Concessions available for (students, unwaged, retired or members who make regular standing orders to the centre)

Draft Programme of the Residential Day Retreat:

(Contact the centre for correct Daily Routine)

6AM-10AM:  Guided Meditation, Silent Practice, Mindful Stretching,

Teachings on Selected Subjects and Discussion

10AM - 2PM:      Mindful activity, Chanting, Preparing & Sharing Food, Walking Meditation

2PM - 6PM:  Guided Meditation, Silent Practice, Teachings on Selected subjects and Question and Answer session, Closing with Blessings Chanting.


To book your place and get more information; please contact us by email: or mobile: 07983 466 105 / 07944 13 53 14




  • Residential Retreat: Practitioner can stay in our accommodation at the centre to practice with guidance of the teacher. One retreat is only for minimum 01 or 03 days and maximum 7 days period and cannot get the facility again within another six months due to the availability. First Come first serve basis


To book your place and get more information; please contact us by email: or mobile: 07983 466 105 / 07944 13 53 14

One Day or Three days Residential Retreats with programmes: are only be held at set dates organized by the centre. We will update our website to publish the dates. Otherwise, please contact us to get more up-to-date information. Cost for per person for the day retreat with group programme is £40/= Three Days Retreat is £300/= per single accommodation. Three Days Retreat for two person in a double room facility £500/=

Residential Retreats: Can be booked at anytime of the year according to the availability of our accommodation facility. Cost per person per night is £100/= and to book more than one day is £100 each. Three Days Retreat is £300/= per person single room. Three Days Retreat for two people with double room famcility £500/= This is a very basic accommodation with comfortable facilities to practice meditation in the monastic environments.



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