Mindful Children Meditation Sessions

Children's Mindfulness Meditation Course

We organize a special course for Children to learn and benefit from Mindfulness Meditation. Any children aged between 7-18 can be attended with an adult.

Children’s Mindfulness Meditation Course

Every Monday from 6PM till 7PM

For 12 Weeks Course

Children are now taking for Next Course for 12 weeks. Places are limited please register in advance. For more information, please contact us.

Guided meditation session to make the children easy to practice and understand Mindfulness. Introducing very helpful techniques on Mindfulness to relate into their everyday life and help with their studies and other challenging commitments. Opportunities for children to Questions and Answers to explore it more into their lives. This course is very good for children struggling with anger, stress, anxiety and other emotional difficulties.


This is a Great opportunity to learn the skill of mindfulness from the original practice of Mindfulness and an experienced teacher.

We only take 12 children for a course. Opportunities are First come first serve basis. We only have time to do one group. If you are registering please prepared to be committed, regular and punctual. Otherwise, we are taking someone’s opportunity and teachers time.

Fee: £10 per family per session.  This can be contributed as a Standing Order to the Centre bank account or as attended. If you are a member and already making a standing order, you can use this service and can contribute as convenient.

Children are our future and the most precious thing we all have. This is the best age to learn golden means or life skills. Mindfulness Meditation!

We all want our children to be happy, well and do their studies best to their ability. This could be challenging due to so many distractions around them, temptations, stress and anxiety, very demanding challenges in curriculum ahead of them and simply not having a golden models or peaceful and kind environment always around them.

Mindfulness meditation few minutes a day can change their lives so much to make them feel comfortable in their daily life, well, and concentrate on their activities with joy and interest.

Simply don’t take our word only on this, see how much researches are being done in schools and other environments as a sentiment to this testimony. Therefore, now it is being highly recommended to learn Mindfulness.






Here is a great opportunity to learn it from authentic and really practical way. Our environment and teachers take every effort to make the child embrace this life changing technique.


Advanced Registered Only:

Please register:

By email buddhistacademy@gmail.com

Telephone: 01462 641 68801462 641 688

Mobile / text: 07983 466 10507983 466 105






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Meditation classes introduced into timetables

Hundreds of primary school children in Berkshire have had meditation classes introduced into their timetables. As Nikki Mitchell reports, the 'mindfulness' teaching aims to help them manage their own behaviour and anxieties, and improve their concentration

Posted by BBC South Today on Monday, 9 November 2015




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