Completing Twenty Eight Lord Buddhas

Offering Buddha Statues are a Magnificent Meritorious Deed Which include into Eight Greatest Merits that Generates Blessings Daily & Regularly!

We are under taking sponsorships to complete the Twenty Eight Buddha Statues for our Buddhist Centre.  Offering a Buddha Statue is a magnificent meritorious deed. Offering Buddha statues is one of the eight greatest meritorious deeds. This is indeed a rare opportunity and blissful opportunity once in a life time.

You can take part in this meritorious deed of completing 28 Lord Buddhs at Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Centre by Sponsoring to Offer a Buddha Statue.

Please contact the Buddhist Centre if you wish to be part of this rare deed.

"All these Twenty Eight Buddhas were, Tranquil, from every passion free.

And like the sun, the many-rayed, They chased away the darkness dense,

And having flamed like tongues of fire, Became extinct with all their train."

Sabbe Buddha Balappatta  -  Rakkham Bandhami Sabbaso!

By the Protective Power of All The Buddhas
May the Protection be Secured in Every Way!

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