Sunday Evening 7-9PM Mindfulness Meditation Online Webinar

How to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focus through Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Mindfulness Meditation Centre presents our next Online Webinar on Sunday 19th December 2021 at 7-9PM on Mindfulness, Distractions & How to Improve the Quality Concentration. All are welcome to join. Registration may only necessary for those who are new to the centre and wish to receive updates.

Mindfulness Meditation Centre presents

A Mindfulness Meditation Session that All Can benefit.. All are welcome to join.!

Our Year End Online Webinar on 

How to Overcome Distractions & Stay Focus?

Being a Master of Mind not a Slave of Mind. 


On Sunday 19th December 2021 at 7-9PM 

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All Are Welcome to Join Online

& Gain the Wisdom and Transformation in Life…


Programme Order:

07:00PM Presentation and Talk On Mindfulness, Distractions & How to Improve the Quality Concentration.

08:10PM Q & A  (Open to any interactive questions session)

08:45PM Guided Meditation by Bhante Samitha Akurala

09:00PM End of the Webinar


Please note this webinar will be recorded and later available on youtube for community support.

Organizers request you to keep the videos on (if you feel comfortable to do so) and please keep mics muted always unless you want to say something. You can unmute the mic and keep the video on to ask the questions during the Q & A Session.


Cost: Donations. This online webinar is free but if you care as we do, to promote the happiness and wellbeing in our community, please feel free to make a donation towards the Mindfulness Meditation Centre by using the bank details

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The gift of teaching (dhamma dana) is the highest of gift as such a gift has the potential of changing the course of a person’s direction in life to the benefit of himself or herself and to the public at large.


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