Sinhala & Hindu Sri Lankan New Year Celebration Sunday 15th April 2012

Sri Lankan Sinhala & Hindu New Year Celebration with a special ceremony for Anointing Sacred Oil Blessings Ceremony; Children & Adults New Year Games, Fun Competitions, Traditional Sri Lankan Sweets and Food on Sunday 15th April 2012 from 11AM till 3PM. All are Welcome! Dear All,

You all are co-ordially invited to celebrate "Sinhala & Hindu Sri Lankan New Year 2012" at Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural Centre with a special traditional ceremony of the Sri Lankan New Year "Anointing Sacred Oil Blessings Ceremony".

If you wish to par-take your children for any of the games such as Sri Lankan New Year Princess (Avurudu Kumari) competition, breaking the clay pot in blindfold, sack race, lime and spoon race, spotting the elephant’s eye, tug-of-war, blowing balloons, climbing the  greasy pole, pillow fights, musical chairs and fancy dress parade, please bring them along and let our organizers know in advance. You can see our previous ceremonies how much children enjoy our culture. Let us help together to bring them more joyful memories of their heritage.


11AM:       Reception for Celebration will start at 11AM with Homage to Buddha, Dhamma,  Sangha & Parents as customary to Sacred Period (punya kalaya).

12PM:       Sharing Traditional Sri Lankan sweets and food

01PM:       Children & Adults Traditional Games and New Year Fun

02PM:       Anointing Sacred Oil Blessings Ceremony

03PM:       Finish

A Very Happy & Prosperous Sinhala & Hindu Sri Lankan New Year 2012 to all!

May the triple Gem Bless you All!

With metta,

Organizing Committee


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