Sri Lankan New Year 2021 Auspicous Times Let us Join in Solidarity with Blessings & Healing....

A Happy & Prosperous Sinhala & Hindu Sri Lankan New Year to All

Auspicious times accordig to British Summer time. May there be healing and Protection with the Blessings of Noble Triple Gem.. Arogya parama labha - santutthi paramam dhanan - vissasa parama nathi - Nibbanan paramam sukhan (Dhammapada verse 204) “Health is the ultimate profit, happiness is the ultimate wealth, a trusted friend is the best relative, Nibbana is the ultimate bliss”



We wish you and all in your family...

A Very Happy & Prosperous Sri Lanka New Year 2021!

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May it be a fulfilling and eventful Year with all the good health and protection!

Theruwan Saranai!

Venerable Akurala Samitha

& All at Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya

Buddhist Cultural & Meditation Centre

(Auspicious times are in accordance with British Summer Time.

London Sun Rise: 6:08 and Sun Set: 19:55)

Auspicious Times (British Summer Time):


Dawn of Sir Lankan New Year in London: Wednesday 14th April 2021 at 02:38AM

Auspicious Period “Punya Kalaya”: is Tuesday 13th April 2021 at 08.14PM till 09.00PM. Cookers are to be put out and the regular activities are to be terminated before this time.

Preparing Meals "Ahara Peseema": Wednesday 14th April 2021 at 06:22AM

Facing North Dressed in green colour.

Lighting the cookers for New Year is at 06:22AM on Wednesday 14th April 2021. Auspicious direction is North and Auspicious cloth is green colour. Prepare a "Kiri Bath" from rice mixed with ghee and jaggery (sharkara) and sesame seeds (tala).

Ahara Anubhavaya (Taking food), ganudenu kereema (Transactions) & Weda Alleema (Starting work): Wednesday 14th April 07:46AM Facing North.

Taking food for the new year is on Wednesday 14th April at 07:46AM. Auspicious direction is North and auspicious cloth is green. Followed by that custom, it is customary to do transactions and start work ambitiously and auspiciously with firm resolutions for a prosperous and healthy new year.

Anointing Sacred Oil "Hisa Tel Geema": Saturday 17th April at 07:21AM Facing South

The Auspicious time for Hisa Tel Geema (Anointing Sacred Oil) is on Saturday 17th April at 07:21AM. Auspicious direction is  South and Auspicious cloth is green colour. It should be performed with imbul leaves for the head and nuga leaves for the feet.

Setting out to Work "Reki Raksha Sadhaha Pitathva Yema": Wednesday 19th April at 06:44AM Facing South

It is customary to make an ambitious setting out for work for the New Year. Auspicious time is for setting out to work is on Wednesday 19th April at 06:44AM. Auspicious direction is South and Auspicious cloth is White.

A Very Happy Sri Lankan New Year 2021...

We take this opportunity to come together to wish you all and the whole world all the good health and protection...

Our thoughts and Blessings are with all those who step into Sri Lankan New Year 2021.

Hope and pray a new beginging with all the good health and prosperity...

Wish you all A Very Healthy, Peaceful and Happy Sri Lankan New New Year 2021..!


Venerabla Akurala Samitha

And all at

Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Meditation Centre and

Milton Keynes Vihara Mindfulness Meditation Centre


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