Sending Medicine, Food & Sanitary items to Children and Pregnant Mothers in Sri Lanka

Please help us to Send Those Essential Items Immediately to Sri Lanka

Due to economic crisis in Sri Lanka many children and pregnant mothers are facing life threatening circumstances in maternity at Rural Hospitals in Sri Lanka. We urgently need the following. Please kindly help to send those items immediately. You can directly order or drop them at our temple address. More Details Contact: 07944 13 53 14 or 07983 466 105 We hope to send as we receive the support. Our next deadline is Sunday 12th June.

Sri Lankan Children and Pregnant Mothers Need Our Urgent Help with

Medicine, Food and Sanitary Items.

Please either order them to our temple or drop them at the temple.


Please help this great course!

As you are aware due to economic crisis, Sri Lanka is facing unforeseen circumstances. In an attempt  to support our people we (UK) are desperately collecting below items.

Your donations will support many Maternity and Children’s hospitals in rural Sri Lanka.

We hope to send as we receive the support. Our next deadline is Sunday 12th June.

We are collecting below items urgently

For babies and children 


1. Calpol - URGENT 

2. Neurofine for children - URGENT

3. Gripe water

4. Nasel spray for babies 

5. Nappies ( new born to 6 months only) 

6. Wipes

7. Baby feeding bottles/milk bottles 

8. Baby Milk powder - URGENT 

9. Baby food pouches 

10. Biscuits for children 

11. Baby brushes/ toothpaste 

12. Muslin clothes 

13. Baby soap 

14. Baby wash/bath shower gel

15. Nappy cream

16. Thermometers


For Mothers 

1. Paracetamol - URGENT 

2. Iboprufen

3. Maternity pads 

4. Digestive Biscuits - maternity ward 

5. Tea 

6. Milk powder 

7. Sustegen 

8. Biscuits or any easy food after labour


Our Charity (No: 1116187) Details

Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Centre

69, Pix Road, Letchworth SG6 1PZ

Our Bank Account Details:

Account Name: Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya

Barclays Bank Letchworth

Sort Code: 20-41-15

Account Number: 93992683

You can simply order them online and delivered to any of below addresses. (Online delivery)

We hope to send as we receive the support. Our next deadline is Sunday 12th June.

Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Meditation Centre 

69, Pix Road 

Letchworth Garden City 



Any Inquaries: please contact


Mobiles: 07944 13 53 14 or 07983 466 105


Thank you. Your Support is greatly appreciated!

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