A Wonderful Gift of Humanity: Warming a heart with a Free School Jacket

Free Distribution of School Uniform Jackets (Sweatshirts) to 300 Very Poor Children (3-12 year olds)

Thank you for supporting us to give over 300 children in a very rural and cold areas, school uniform jackets (sweatshirts). It means a lot to them. If anyone would like to help in these schools please let us know. These were distributed in Nuwara Eliya, Bagavantalawa, Nonperial, Belihuloya, Balangoda Nagrak, Uggalduwa Pudukadu division in Sri Lanka

A Wonderful Gift of Humanity

Distribution of Free School Uniform Jackets (Sweatshirts) to Over 300 Very Poor Children (3-12 year olds) in Nuwara Eliya, Bagavantalawa, Sri Lanka.

Heart Warming Smiles were brought to over 300 children (3-12 year old) in Nuwara Eliya, Bagavantalawa, R/B/ Vivegananda Vidyalaya Nonperial, Belihuloya, Balangoda Nagrak Division, Uggalduwa Division, Pudukadu division in Sri Lanka, when they received a new jacket (sweatshirt) for schooling.

Children in these areas walk 4-5 miles to attend a nursery or school in bare foot even without a good pair of shoes. A small toffee (piece of sweet) is a huge luxury food item to them. They don’t have public transport and even roads are not suitable for any vehicles. They have very few facilities in the nurseries and schools but a very dedicated staff (teachers and principals) of these places do a great service that should be really adorable.

As these areas are in the up-country, weather is very cold and rainy. The area is over 7000 feet high from sea level and it is very hilly. They don’t even have basic sanitary facilities, medical needs or transport system. There are about 180 families living in those areas. Some of them work at tea plantations. The average income of a labourer of this village is Rs: 25000/= (£58/=) per month. They grow their vegetables and keep some cows and goats at home to milk as a form of living. They don’t have proper clothing even to attend the school or nursery let alone to keep them warm. 

We highly recommend anyone to visit those areas and help those children. If anyone needs any help to get them in touch, you can contact Venerable Akurala Samitha (Bhante Samitha), Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Meditation Centre, Mr Janapriya Gallege or Mr Chamara Sampath Gamage (Smile Isle Tour Guide Team).

On 10th October 2022 we distributed a large number of free school uniform jackets (sweatshirts) to over 300 specially chosen very poor children in those areas. There were 300 children to receive those Free School Uniform Jackets (Sweatshirts). Mr Chaman Lal  & Mrs Asha Virdee from London Southall very kindly donated those school uniform jackets (sweatshirts). UK Registered Charity, Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Centre shipped them to Sri Lanka. Mrs Sandya Silva (UK), Mrs Jennifer Dissanayaka (Ceylon Shipping Sri Lanka) and Miss Padma Wijeratne (UK) helped with the shipping initiatives. Our Sri Lankan Charity co-ordinators Mrs Anuradha Madaduwage and others made the great efforts to take them to the very rural areas of hilly and cold side of the up-country. Mr Janapriya Gallege and Mr Chamara Sampath Gamage (Smile Isle Tour Guide Team) found the places and very needy children (3-12 years old) with the help of local schools, government authorities, divisional secretariat, friends and bank managers and also by putting a notice on Facebook.

We are very grateful to Mr Janapriya Gallege and Mr Chamara Sampath Gamage (Smile Isle Tour Guide Team) for spending (3) days in travelling into these rural areas and distributing those school uniform jackets (sweatshirts) to over 300 children in nurseries and schools.

Joy and blessings we gained from this charitable course is priceless. It was amazing to see the smiles of those children (3-12 years old) when they walk away from schools and nurseries, wearing those Free School Uniform Jackets (Sweatshirts). It was very colourful, warm and encouraging for them to go to Schools and nurseries and study well. We cant thank enough for all those who helped.

If you would like to help these children, please extend your love and generosity in whatever manner you can. It is a huge blessing. For information, please do contact us.

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