Sangha Day Community Celebration in Letchworth

Dhamma Nikethanaya Annual Kathina Ceremony Saturday 02nd November

You are co-cordially invited to our Annual Kathina Ceremony on Saturday 02 November 2013 from 9.30AM till 3PM held at St. Michael's Church Hall (Broadway, Letchworth SG6 3PQ). This community sangha day celebration is the highest Meritorious deed in the Buddhist Culture.

Namo tass Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa!

Homage to the Blessed One, the Worthy One & The Supremely Enlightened One!

Special Invitation - Annual Kathina Maha Ceremony

Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural Centre

Ceremony Venue: St. Michael's Church Hall Letchworth (Broadway – SG6 3PQ)

On Saturday 02nd November 2013 from 9 . 30am to 3 . 00pm

We would like to invite you and your family & friends to our Annual Kathina Ceremony in Letchworth. Kathina Ceremony is a great festival organised by the Buddhists once a year. Kathina Ceremony is given the first place among The Eight Great Meritorious activities. Buddhists engage in this activity even today because it provides a better life both in this world and the next and finally leads to Nibbana or final emancipation.

Dhamma Nikethanaya is a delightful International Buddhist Cultural Centre for Education, Meditation, Psychotherapy and Counselling, situated in LETCHWORTH, the First Garden City. Venerable monks of this monastery observed the Three Months Rainy Retreat on Sunday 20th Esala (July) Full Moon Day 2013, respecting the advice of the Fully Enlightened One., The Buddha advised to spend The Three Month Rainy Retreat staying in one place fully focusing the advancements of spiritual, Meditation and Educational Development of oneself for the benefit of the noble society. At the end of the rainy season Buddhists celebrate The Kathina Ceremony as a mark of Gratitude to Venerable Monks by offering Robes, Gifts, Dana and Share the Merits. This ceremony is considered as a rare, greatest and noblest act as it can be celebrated in a temple only once a year.

9.30AM:  Bringing the Kathina Robe and Other objects of veneration to the ceremony hall in procession and Start stitching robe. Traditional Kappa Rukka (Wish Fulfilling Tree will be set up in the hall for the devotees to make offerings)

11AM:      Buddha Pooja & Sanghika Dana & Lunch to All Participants

01PM:      Kathina Robe Offering & Dhamma Talk

03PM:      Atavisi Buddhas Pooja, Seth Pirith Blessings Chanting & END.

Accordingly this year this glorious activity at Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Centre is to be held on Saturday 02nd November 2013.

Offering of The Kathina Robe with other robes and gifts to the venerable monks who observed the Rainy Retreat and also offering of Dana and gifts to over 15 monks who attend from the other temples in UK for the ceremony, is to be held under the main patronage of all the dayakas members of vihara. You are kindly invited to attend this event, sponsor the gifts and robes to share the merits and contribute to the Dana (food) by making a dish to offer to the monks and share with the participants. Also we accept donations towards the cost of the event, hiring the hall, chairs and other necessities. All are cordially invited to attend this unique occasion.

You & your family could be a part of this noble meritorious deed by sponsoring a pooja item as per in the programme. General Donations are also kindly welcome to share the merits of this Great Deed.

Your participation is greatly appreciated.

However if you wish to sponsor some items of the ceremony to be part of this noblest activity, you can concentrate any of the following: (Please note only if you can. Otherwise, your participation is greatly appreciated.)

  • Atapirikara Pooja - Offering Eight Requivisits Maha Sangha (Venerable Monks' set of robes and other essential needs). Contributions to this, also directly supports travelling cost of the Monks:  £50.00
  • Pirikara Pooja - Individual Gifts to Venerable Monks attending the Ceremony: £30.00
  • Cheevara Pooja (Offering a Robe) - Robes are available at the ceremony hall: £20.00
  • Dana - Offering or sharing food - please contact the centre for further advice.
  • Ceremony Hall Hire: £200.00
  • Any general donations are greatly appreciated towards the overall cost of the ceremony.

May the blessings of the noble Triple Gem be with you all!

With metta,

Lots of loving kindness and compassion,


Venerable Akurala Samitha

Head of the Vihara

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